Guidance From Yusef: Soul to Soul Connection

Yusef tells us now of two types of encounters we can have with each other.  First the contact we make without touching, but we still feel it in the physical.  An example would be when we communicate with each other with a look or a gesture.  Even though it is across a space and there is no touch, we still feel it in our bodies.

The second connection is the one that is made when a Soul recognizes another Soul. images-2When your Soul recognizes the Soul of another person on this Earth, you are connecting at another level entirely—a level your Soul understands, but the human mind cannot yet fully understand.

You may not know what is communicated Soul to Soul, but you are often able to sense or feel that something is happening beyond the physical. Why does this person seem so familiar to me?  Why do I feel as if I have known him/her forever?  Your human mind is a by-stander to this interaction but at some level you are aware of it. Just let it happen. No action is necessary.  Be aware that it is happening, and delight in the awareness as your Soul recognizes an old friend.


When “connections” are made between persons there is a physical encounter that cannot be seen with the eye.  It is across the SPACE between persons. That space can be quite wide and yet a physical connection with a physical response  is made.

Beyond the physical there is another contact made. This is not physical. This is the more important, for within this passage of information is the real “connection”.

Let us attempt to explain this further.

We search for a word for what passes between life forms. “Information” will be sufficient now. When a connection is made between persons (not a physical touch) information passes between them, informing the other at a level which cannot be seen, of things which cannot be understood. Recognition is acknowledged beyond the conscious level.

Greetings are bestowed when the “stranger” on Earth is actually a loved one. Each recognizes the other and that instant carries more communication than you can imagine. SOULS communicate beyond the physical. They joy in the encounter and are blessed by it. If the physical allows, then these two souls can bless each other in the physical. That is a positive recognition and encounter. 

Let your soul communicate with the other soul. Be aware, but do not interfere. Do not try to pull this communication into consciousness.   Do not “grab” it or try to make sense of it.  Let it happen. It will be a meditative experience. But you will sense the results—blessings usually.

The negative is also a possibility. There are also dark souls on this Earth. You will have an adverse reaction to these encounters.

Guidance From Yusef: Interacting at the Frequency Level

Yusef reminds us how important it is to observe our own frequency.  He tells us that we actually attract others who are vibrating at a similar frequency.  We are somewhat like magnets that way.

So what do frequencies look like?  The “higher” frequencies look like love, acceptance, no judgment of self or others, compassion, peace, joy, etc.  The “lower” frequencies look like frustration, anger, blame, shame, impatience, judgment of self and others, etc.  We have only to look at our friends and those around us to be able to gauge where we are on the continuum. They will “mirror” our own frequency.  imagesYusef includes a caution:  When a person who is vibrating at a higher frequency (i.e. love and acceptance) spends time with someone who is at a lower frequency (i.e. angry or judgmental), then their own frequency is somewhat diminished.  It’s best not to spend too much time around those who may diminish our own frequencies.  We’re told to be aware and to “re-energize” through prayer, spiritual exercise, or just by being in the presence of those who also vibrate to the frequency of love and acceptance.  Then that love is amplified and blesses the Earth and the Heavens.


Like frequencies gather together. There is an attraction there. Begin to notice the frequencies around you. When you are in the presence of others of like frequency there is an amplification that travels beyond the occupied space. Others who also exist at that frequency are “strummed” by your vibration, accept the “push”, and pass it on. Thus do frequencies interact.

When a person is vibrating at a higher frequency, but is surrounded by those vibrating at a lower frequency, that higher vibrational impetus is absorbed by the slower ones and is somewhat diluted. That is, its energy is lost [diminished] and lost momentum not only affects those around it, but returns to the sender in a slower vibrational field—affecting the sending higher vibrational source.

That diminishing must not be allowed for long periods of time. Rejuvenating, “re-energizing” must take place through direct meditation contact [with God], or contact with others of similar frequency that synergistically raise the vibrations of all reciprocally.


Guidance From Yusef: The Love Frequency of God

imagesThe pulse of God-energy is continuously vibrating with what could be termed a “Love-frequency”. This vibrating frequency of God-energy connects everything in the Universe.

We know that all matter vibrates and is connected. Even when we are quiet or still, the cells in our bodies continue to vibrate.  So it makes sense to try to place ourselves in a happily vibrating environment—one that is vibrating with love, joy, hope, respect, acceptance, etc.  The Love frequency of God—all the things our mind, body, and soul need to thrive.

If you find that you are in a negative environment—one that is vibrating with anger, shame, blame, or guilt—try your best to move to a more positive place. You may not realize the impact on you in the moment, but it is there. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.


The frequency of the human body is influenced by many factors. It is affected by food and other intakes, the health of the organism, the emotional disposition, the openness to forces beyond the organism [you], [and many others]. 

The body is also affected directly by outside factors and the vibration of the matter directly in contact [with it] as well as the larger surrounding area. All matter interacts, either directly or more remotely, even vicariously. Thus the vibration of even the thoughts, especially the thoughts, of another causes a change in the rhythm or vibration, which impacts the organism [YOU].  As cogs and wheels interact so do these very real interactions take place.

Guidance From Yusef: Go With the Flow

images-2Each of us is a part of the whole, connected to everyone and everything  through the God-Energy pulsing throughout the Earth and the Universe.  We are one with all that is.  It follows that if we are all connected then we must influence and be influenced by everything. Yusef encourages us to “go with the flow”.


The joy of the Universe is in the unlimited, boundary-less flow of energy—flow of ONE throughout all that is.  In that flow greater energy is produced.  There is a giving and receiving and giving and receiving without end, gathering momentum with each receiver who in turn gives, allowing the flow effortlessly and naturally.

In the larger view the “action” of receiving and giving is unseen, as the flow of life continues, enhanced because of the encounter.  In the quiet moments of stillness and awareness, this movement can be sensed—quite physically at times.

Just as the animals’ sense of hearing allows a broader range of sounds, so too does the acute attention to the vibration of the Universe cause one to begin to sense the flow.  The flow carries in and with it all the knowledge gained from each interaction.  Thus the more open to it, the more potential to gain from it as well as contribute to it.  All of life flows.  There is movement in all.  Nothing is stagnant/stable.  It is either growing or declining.  The flow of life is continuous.  There is no beginning and no ending.  Life IS.

Guidance From Yusef: The Rhythm of Life

We continue with the pulse of life—the energy coming from the Source of life.

What is the pulsing energy of God like? images-3 Yusef tells us it’s like rhythmic music and it would be good to pay attention to the rhythms because we are a part of it all.  In everything there is give and take, waxing and waning, back and forth.  He gives us examples of these in nature.  Even though we may think we are not affected by the pulsing of the Universe, we indeed are.  It is all God.

We are not given reasons to attune to the pulsating energy of God, but I know that when I do, my life feels different. I feel closer to nature and feel an interesting connectedness to everything. There is a greater clarity to my day, and I feel more in tune with God.  I am more aware of my Oneness with everyone and everything.  It’s a great feeling!  A good way to start is simply to become aware of your breathing.

Have a happy, rhythmic day!


Music is the embodiment of the order found in the Universe and beyond.  Its cadence marks out pulse.  Recall that all of life is in a rhythmically synchronistic relationship. The pulse beats throughout life.  The croaking of the frogs, the movement of the tides, the lengths of the day, the week, the year….  Learn to join in the rhythmic dance of the Universe.  Ride the waves up and down as you are moved forward.  But always going with the movement—never against.

Waxing and waning within the human body, in the tidal patterns of the great waters, in thoughts, in emotions, EVERYTHING is the rhythm of life.  Feel it.  Listen to it.  Be aware of the blood coursing through the body—bringing and taking  [oxygen and nutrients].  The ocean waves bringing to shore and taking from it.  The emotions—now sad, now happy, despairing and joyful.

In and out, back and forth.  A child swinging, a mother rocking, a dog hunting, a fish swimming.  Rhythm.  It is important to note this.  There are secrets to it.

Note the patterns around you.  They replicate the rhythm and its many variations and extensions.  Light pulses, people breathe, all is in rhythm.Unknownimages-1images-4images-5

Guidance From Yusef: The Pulse of Life


The Universe is ALIVE.images-3   Life pulses.  This is a difficult concept to transmit.  “Pulse” is the word which comes closest, but it is not dependent upon matter, as you know it.  The pulse is energy which connects all to all.  ONE [God] is alive, pulsing through what you know as the Universe and beyond what you know. 

The Universe, though appearing chaotic, is orderly and responsive.  It dances a continuous dance of movement and cycle and growth.  The ONE who is the Source of All-That-Is flows through, extends into, pervades, infuses, and exists, not in, but AS all.  ALL is Life-Giver.  ALL is ALL. There is nothing apart from the ONENESS OF ONE.


Guidance From Yusef: Change your thoughts to change your world

Norman Vincent Peale had it right when he wrote in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, that when you “change your thoughts…you change your world”.  Yusef asks us to be mindful of our thoughts and actions because they live forever in the Universe.  (Whew!)

It is also our thinking and our actions that create the life we are living right now. (Whew, again!) Of course the thinking comes first, followed by action, so we are back to the quote above.  As much as possible, it is important to think loving, positive, non-judgmental thoughts.  That means toward ourselves, others, and the challenging situations in our lives.

To help us stay positive we’re encouraged us to surround ourselves with others who are of like mind.  Remember it’s not only the positive that impacts us, but the negative as well.


Think carefully.  Act with thoughtful consideration, with the knowledge that the action will impact now and forever all in the Universe.  This seems improbable and impossible.  Actually it is a fact and worthy of attention.

You and your body are reacting constantly to the thoughts and actions in your environment.  All affects all.  Be mindful of the energy surrounding you.  Remove yourself from negative or draining energy.  Place yourself within energy fields that support your growth.

Remove all negative thoughts and worries and doubts.  Live only in Love and in the Light.  This will take effort and letting go of long held notions regarding reality.  This is most important, and worth the effort to remove negativity from your own thinking and action, and from your environment.