Guidance From Yusef: Finding the Path

In the previous post Yusef tells us to “sync” our actions and thoughts with our purpose on the Earth.  But how do we know what our purpose is?

We’re told not to actively try to find our purpose. Unknown “To seek the purpose for your life involves the ego and that can actually have a counter-effect”.  We may get derailed by that.  Yusef also says that any step we take becomes the right step.  What…no right or wrong?  (Guidance From Yusef: Finding Our Purpose)

So let’s review…we’re to “sync” our actions and choices to a plan/path we can’t yet see, and even though it’s important to do that, there are no right or wrong paths to take.  Yikes!  An enigma of the Universe.

Why can’t we just see a heavenly light shining on the best path, or get a ‘way-to-go’ for the actions we take? Perhaps a high-five now and then for a decision or choice so we know we’re on the path and following our plan.  Ah, how easy life would be then. All nicely laid out in black and white, or perhaps wild Technicolor….

Too bad the Universe doesn’t work that way.  We have been given free will to do whatever we choose to do on this Earth (actually in the Heavens as well, but that’s another day). (Guidance From Yusef: Our Purpose and Free Will)

The secret then is this—when we align our actions to our internal compass and act according to the beliefs, values and principles that we hold at the core of our being—it is then that we find PEACE within ourselves.  That peace lights up the path for our lives. Then what we are doing comes from what we know to be true and we are not betraying our own inner guidance.  It is to be in a FLOW of sorts, moving to an internal rhythm and compass.  That sense of peace and the feeling of being in the flow are the signs that we are on the Path, following the Plan for our lives.

Don’t misunderstand or think that peace of body, mind, and spirit is necessarily found on the easy path.  Quite the contrary, it is often in the demanding or challenging situations and jobs that we find the most peace and sense of fulfillment.

How do we recognize peace?  It requires a “tuning in”.  It means moving out of the  busyness of the body and mind to get into a quiet space for just a moment to be able to sense it.  I remember going to sit in the quiet beside the ocean once to find the peaceful path before making a big decision in my life.  Another way is to check in with the body.  The body doesn’t lie, and it will let us know if we are in sync.  If there is a discomfort somewhere within, often in the gut, that can be trusted and then we can make the necessary adjustments in our life. (Not always easy to do, but well worth it!)

Remember, we’ve already planned our life circumstances in order to fulfill our purpose. (Guidance From Yusef: Purpose for Our Lives) We just need to be where we are right now, tuned in to our inner guidance for the way that brings the most peace. That will absolutely be the “right” path.


Guidance From Yusef: We “Judge” Ourselves

I asked Yusef about the absence of judgment from the Universe.  He reminded me that we humans continue to cling to the idea of a separate Divine Being, or God, that judges us or bestows mercy upon us.  And that’s the issue—our belief that God is separate from us.  God is not separate from us.

We are one with a God that is only Love.  To “judge” us, God would have to be separate from us and punitive which is a human concept, not the divine reality.  God can only be Love.

We do have the freedom to choose our actions but accountability comes with that freedom.  We will lovingly “judge” ourselves when we pass from this earth, by reviewing what we’ve learned in this lifetime, and how we have grown in Love.

There IS a review of efforts expended on Earth.  There is an accounting of the good accomplished, an account of the soul’s growing.  And there is great love around that.

The heavens rejoice at obedient servants’ behavior.  Obedient to the [life] plan designed.  There is much value individually and for all.  Note, when we speak of obedient, we refer to the “syncing” of your decisions, choices, and actions with the reason [purpose] for the incarnation. Do not put another connotation to the word used.  It is your obedience to your own plan that brings the greatest good for yourself and all.

The review of our efforts and actions is not the same as the threatening, punishing “judgment” that many religions put forth.  Rather, we experience a review of what was learned in the lifetime.  We are reminded that WE planned this lifetime and the more we can follow that plan, the more we will benefit.  Some call the life plan the “will of God”.  More on how to recognize it later….

Guidance From Yusef: Universal Law and Accountability

All action, all thought “goes” somewhere.  Everything we think or do impacts the Universe in some way. And we are accountable for it all.  As we consider the weight of this information it’s important to keep in mind the first paragraph in this section, and to remember that there is no punishment, no retaliation, no judgment of our thoughts or actions.  We are loved beyond measure regardless of our choices.  Quite a paradox for those who still see some actions as “right and wrong”.  Something to think about….


The Universe operates on a system of rules and laws.  There is no judgment, no guilt (such a foreign idea), no fear, no retaliation (an important misconception), no favorites, and no punishment.

The Universal laws govern.  No matter what the incident, or entity [person], the universal laws reign.  You do not understand, nor can you, these laws.  They are beyond your ken [understanding].  However, that does not stop them from being the ruling force behind all action in the Universe.

The laws you live by are most artificial and ineffective.  They are often mutable and have no real consequence.  They may appear to have consequence in the earthly way of understanding; however, the universal situation is entirely different.

The scientific principle that you espouse that for every action there is a reaction has some validity.  It is part of the larger picture that no action is lost.  All “action”, including all thought, has consequence.  All impact the universe and carry lasting relevance.  Therefore each word, each action, each thought, affects the ALL.  This is not mutable.  It is not negotiable as you say.  There is no escape from this law.



Guidance From Yusef: The Universe Treasures Life and Facilitates Growth

The next few posts will be messages from Yusef that tell us about the Universe.  A basic premise to remember is that the Universe and all in it are EXPANDING, a thread that is woven throughout this section.

One of the more amazing and comforting ideas to me is that the Universe is personal—loving and caring.  Some might call that God.  We are supported in our growth by an unseen loving force, and all the loving entities within it.  We are so limited in our seeing while in the human condition on this Earth that we are unaware of the loving support we have access to in order to grow in soul and spirit.


The Universe loves all, encourages all, and supports all so that it might expand.  Grasp the clarity of the truth of this and bring this into existence in your own way.  The entire universe treasures each life living.  Each is important to the whole.  The design of the universe is beyond the scope of understanding yet recognize unfailingly that there is design—flexibility that allows for the excitement, and tension that brings about that growth. All interacting with all.

The web of life entices us—invites us in to experience the senses.  Life is so much more than the “life” you know here on this plane.

Guidance From Yusef: Shine out! You are the Light of God


Shining always, your LIGHT body is.  Attend to that, honor that, listen to that, allow that which is WHO YOU ARE to be present to the world.

Those whose Light gives Light to the world’s darkness are enlightened.  It is simply BEING IN THE LIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE.

That Light is awe inspiring in its beauty.  That Light, shining into the world will change the world.

Shine out. Shine on. Shine forth.

Be. Your beingness is Light.

All other will fall away/fade as the Light comes forth to bless the world.  Do not be mindful in any way of that which is fading.  Attend fully to who you are—the Light of God.

This transmission regards the diety within all.  Listen well.  images-1One [God]  dwells in and pervades all that is.  Thus it has been written before this writing.  Look to the Light within.   The Light of Life-Giver resides/remains within.  To those with “eyes” to see it is present.  Look to the Light.  Encourage the Light.  In this there is blessing.  Look beyond the human condition to see what IS.

Guidance From Yusef: Enlightenment

Tell us of Enlightenment, please.


We delight in this, encouraging thus for all and for the salvation of the Earth.  The term salvation thus implying saving the planet.

Enlightenment, though a concept contrived by humans, is encouraged.  images-3Think of the Light pervasive in all aspects of the human—within and in all aspects of the body—shining forth no matter the condition.

Think of the heart, mind, and spirit—all cleared of any that would dim or darken the Light.

Light is WHO YOU ARE.  You are not the dust of the Earth.  You are LIGHT—that which lives forever.  That which IS.  If you could but see the magnificence of that Light, you would change all your Earthly workings and responses.

Come out of that which keeps you bound to the body and mind.  Come out to the Light of your SELF.

Let the other [ego] fall away in action that is no action, revealing the SELF of God.

Action that is no action?

Do not actively seek to let go of that which may be called ego or human nature. In that action the focus, the attention, is on the ego.  Rather attend to the Light.  Live in the Light that is YOU and thus will the other wither—fading more and more as the Light is allowed to be more and more present to the world.

Guidance from Yusef: Be Light and Love and Joy in the World

This is a truly EXCITING message!  There are many illusions on this earth, and it’s hard to see that who we really are is Light and Love!

There is more to us than we realize—much, much more! We carry the spark of God’s divine Light within our very DNA.  We are a part of God!

Now we’re asked to be open to bringing that divine Light of love and joy into the world, especially at this important, confusing, and turbulent time in our history.  Enjoy this one!  


Gracious mercy is the Earth’s.  Growing, evolving, rotating forward.  Thus will all come to know the wondrous glories and mercy of One.

All rejoice!  Love is!

Expectations do not serve.  Trust serves.  Love serves.  Wonder and awe serve.  Going forth in joy serves.  Most assuredly when no joy can be seen or found, joy serves.

Earth’s illusions are many.  Reality is other.

Heed well.  BE joy for those who cannot see joy.  BE Love for truly Love is what you are.  And in the Love is Joy.  And in the Joy is Light shining forth.

All else is NOT.   Delusion.

Sing of the Light—streaming forth.  See the Light in others, not with human eyes but with the sense beyond the senses.  Live in Love and Light.

Find the Light and all else will follow.  First find the Light.  The way has been given.  It will be necessary to see the Light in the darkness to come.

Streams of Light pour forth—guiding all.  The way is “lit up” as you say.

Changes are occurring, within and without.  Information flows.  Open the other senses to receive that which is beyond your understanding, that which will assist in the growth and evolution toward All, toward That Which Is, toward the Light.

Beyond the Earthly senses is that which we call you to.  Open further to receive the help/assistance forthcoming.

Rejoice in joy, in love, in trust.  Know that all is as it is in perfect Light.  Open.  See. Be in the Light that others may see and know even beyond what you see.  For through the Light God is and may be seen.

In the doing is the blessing.  In the being is God.  In the action taken out of the being(ness) is blessing.  Blessing that goes out/emanates into the Universes.  Therefore follow the Light of Being to find the active way.  In this is God shown to the world.


Guidance From Yusef: See Light in the World

There have been special times in my duty as a scribe, that I was privileged to be able to feel what Yusef and the Teachers were feeling as they dictated their messages.  That was an amazing gift to me.  During this transmission you can probably get a feel for it yourself just in the slow and thoughtful reading of it, as Yusef shares the joy of the heavens when we “get the message” that we are Light and that the Earth is only our temporary home. 


Rejoicing.  Rejoicing.   Joy unbounded, unclouded, moving ever forward.  Waves of joy pulsing forth into and beyond that which is.

images-1Creation sees and recognizes itself in the Light bestowed.  The work undertaken becomes the message for those ready to hear—resonating with soul-knowledge.

Within each pulsation the message is carried—vibrating on the Light and sound of the singing.  Thus is LOVE carried forward.  Rising and falling, trough and peak, does the message carry.  Blessed are they who hear and share.

The Universe is accessible—friendly, loving, caring, surrounding [the] earth with love of itself.

See the world as LOVE.  See Light in the world.  Pay attention.  The messages are hopeful reminders of home.  Thus is it known and longed for.

Guidance From Yusef: Let Your Light Shine!

Yusef tells us that the Light [of God] is joyful, carrying “all the love and joy of the Universe” with it.  Wow!!  To know that the Light exists within us and in that existence we have access to all the love and joy of the Universe! We are participants, whether we are consciously aware of that or not, simply because we have life.  The greater gift though is that we can be observers and sharers of that Light.


The joy of the Universe, transcendent reality, radiates energy as Light.  Joyful Light that illumines the darkness.  Apart from “physics” does this illumination exist.

Radiant, this love carries with it all the love and joy of the Universe—holographic of sorts.  Proceeding forth Love (Light) can be visible to those able to see.  The darkness instantly lit up.  Life and its life form transformed by its interaction at every level.  Cells reacting to the joy of this Light—Life-Giver present.

Those sensitive, or ready, even eager, recognize the action of transformation and are observers as well as participants.  This increases the action and response that reverberates throughout the Universes.  Life actually “Lights up” with it. 

Our opportunity then is to remember that we carry the Light of “love and joy of the Universe” into the world by just being who we are.  I hope that all are awed by this truth because the world sure needs that love and joy right now.  Attune to your Light—let it shine and share it with the world…please.