Guidance From Yusef: We are Light

imagesThe heavens and the Earth come together in humanity, the Divine Light within the human body.  Initially we don’t see or recognize that we are Light.  That truth is obscured by the veil of our birth into the world.   Even though we can’t see that Light at first, asleep in a sense to this reality, we are still Light.   When we can at last wake up and recognize that we are Light—a holy, worthy expression of God—we are born into awareness.


This is a story of Light. 

What does it mean, “to see”?  It is merely Light dancing joyously on what is.  And in the dance, what IS recognizes itself.  Hidden in the darkness before, it “becomes” itself in the Light.  It always was itself, but now as the Light shows its form to itself and others can “see” it also, it is born into awareness. In the dance of Light upon the darkness all becomes the definition of God.  Awareness grows.

The source of Light—Life—must express itself.  The energy of the Light indicates the source of power from which it streams.  It is an unimaginable power source of energy entering the physical to illuminate and infuse that power.

That Light which I speak of dances to awaken the very essence and core of each part of the being to be able to recognize itself as one with the Light.  For without the Light it cannot move or have being.

You do not yet understand that interaction, or the intimacy of it.

For the purpose of this writing when the term “Light” is used, it refers to the Energy source—Life-Giver, manifested in the physical.

This Light infuses all life—this is an important point and must be said carefully—in its interaction with your physical world.  Without it, the physical would cease to exist.


Guidance From Yusef: Our Divine Potential

We have within us, in our very DNA, a divine spark.  Some call it Spirit.  It is our connection to God, to the Father who is with us still—always connected, never separated.  But many of us don’t see that connection—the Light, the divinity within us.  We are a manifestation of God on this Earth, here for a purpose that only we can do.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are not humans having a spiritual experience—that’s backward.  The world would like us to think we are inadequate, not enough, unworthy to be called holy children of God, but that’s not the reality.  We ARE enough, and we are supremely worthy because we are a part of and loved by the Source of all that is.  And we have the support and assistance of all the Heavens in what we have come here to do.  Yahoo!!  When we can begin to see that, and accept its truth, then we can pass on that “Good News” to others as we live each moment in the Light.


Recognition of the holiness, the godliness, Unknownthe spark of Light within each would benefit all [on Earth] and All [in the Heavens].  There is none existing without this divine spark, this “touch” of All That Is, God.  None.  Else it would not exist.

The potential to accomplish the task  set out by God is immense and important.  Thus the living of this day, this moment in recognition is strongly advocated.  The lifetime carries with it opportunity that is sacred in its potential.

The time for negating, rationalizing, denying is over.  The time for recognition, for acceptance, for embracing, for sharing is here.


In the passing on are we there also, assisting in the transmission of the message.  Trust in this, that the seeds within the message will take root.  Fear nothing.  Pass on the message.

Not all will hear.  There is a readiness factor, as you say.  But the seed is sown.  And the potential is there.  Trust.  Seeds can remain dormant to come forth when conditions for the growth’s survival are more optimal.

Share the knowing.  Scatter the seeds.  Those blessed with knowing and seeing and being in the Light—share!  Thus will all and All be blessed.  Amen.

Guidance From Yusef: Oneness

Yusef tells us that now is a good time for the evolution (or growth) of the human race toward a more peaceful, loving planet. We are all in this together, and we need to move away from the sense of separation that is caused by borders, languages, governments, religions, etc.  When we begin to accept that we are all one in God, our differences begin to blur.  Yes, we may be different ethnicities, live under different governments in different parts of the world, but we are each a manifestation of the same God.  Jesus called it “Father”.

Yusef tells us that this is an optimal time, a window of opportunity, to move forward, and many in the Heavens are eager to help us through it.


The potential for humankind to evolve at this time is great.

To you and others it may SEEM that we are disconnected from each other.  That is beyond far from truth.  We have always been and will always be connected and the bond is stronger than you can understand.  We are ONE though many.  Interdependent.  Interconnected.  All a part of All That Is [God].  It serves us all to move forward. 

Division is not of the heavens.  All are One.  There is no separation.  When humans grasp this concept it will move evolution forward.  It will remove many obstacles now existing that prevent further growth [toward love and peace].

The Universe is supremely supportive.  In reality we are ONE.  It is our choice to assist you and others to remember the task that was set forth for the lifetime experience.  We are here to help.  When you grow, we all benefit.  

There are those working on your plane [Earth] and on ours to encourage movement and increase the acceleration. And so we are eager to share what will cause us all to be aware of our ONENESS.  Our joy and love increases as the joy and love of one soul increases. 

Flowers, each beautiful and individual, come together to form a bouquet.  Striving, striving toward Oneness, we move forward. 


Guidance From Yusef: Potential—Change—Growth

Within each of us lives the Light, the spark of divinity. But the restraining forces of the Earth world do tend to distract us from that reality.  Jesus and others have discovered this potential—their divinity within the human experience—and they have broken through the barriers of the world to exemplify this potential and become models for us all.

YUSEF is offering us assistance in the effort.  He assures us thatthe Universe is open—yearning to share.  It is the source of all-knowing.  Life on this planet hides within it potential and power.  Arise now and claim that which belongs to those of the Earth—peace, joy beyond measure, and love.  For this have you come to the Earth.  Look past the weakness of the human nature to the power within, to the SOURCE of all power—the beginning and the end.

Potential becomes possible only when CHANGE occurs, when we can breakthrough the old to something new and different.  The caterpillar must go into the cocoon and let go of its caterpillar-ness. It must let go of everything it knows and is comfortable with. The acorn must let go of its protective cover and become exposed to the elements.  And we must also let go—of the limiting vision we have of ourselves, of our clinging to the known, the familiar and the comfortable.  We must move to the scary edges of life, to those opportunities that may bring up fear within us, to those places from which we cannot see the next shore.  It is there that we are called, and there where change and growth can occur.

It takes a certain confidence, or faith, that there is something better out there.  The butterfly teaches us that, and the Spirit Guides assure us that it is so much better to fly than to crawl anymore.

We are God experiencing the world as us!  Through awareness of the God potential that is within each of us, and a willingness to step into the unknown, we can break through all barriers to allow the beauty of the Divine Light within to grow and shine for all to see.

Guidance From Yusef: Potential for Our Growth

The mighty oak tree is within the tiny acorn.images-34  The magnificent butterfly is within the lowly caterpillar.   The great world leader is within the small child.  It is all potential.

Yusef speaks of the potential for change and growth that is within each person. He assures us that even though growth may seem impossible, the potential is there nonetheless.

Who, after all, can envision an oak tree from a small acorn, a butterfly from a caterpillar? If you weren’t aware of the cocoon, could you believe it?  And how can YOU become something more, or different, than you are right now?


Growth is not a matter of chance.  It is the effort each organism, and each part of the organism, makes to push past the restraining forces.  The seed must push out of its restraining shell in order to become the tree.  The seed pod is often stronger than the new growth straining to be free.  It takes the external force of water or an animal or something else to assist in breaking down the barrier to growth.  To the seed this may even be a violent episode.  And yet the result is the freeing of the life within to grow.

The life you enter [on the Earth] is in itself a restraining force, as most persons believe what the senses communicate and forget that you have a direct connection, a conduit, to all knowledge.  If you could imagine all that is possible, if each person were open to that source of knowledge, it would change life as you know it.  Each person would receive the information they need to contribute to the overall body of knowledge on the Earth.

It is happening more and more, and changes are becoming more dramatic, but the potential for growth is so beyond your understanding right now that you could not imagine the possibilities of life in the full, the “Kingdom” on Earth.  We wish this for you.  We wish to share the great unfathomable joy we know.