Guidance From Yusef: See as a Child Sees

Yusef suggests that we are here to learn who we really are—Souls experiencing humanity.images-33  He refers to that knowledge as an ability to see differently—to remember what is really true.  He tells us that as children we were able to “see”, but as we grew we lost some of that natural sight.  Perhaps that is what Jesus is referring to when he tells us to become as little children.


For all [Earth School is] a struggle–some choosing the harder way, some more at home in the lessons.  These last are closer—their memories returning.  The fog veil is lifting for them. Their SEEING is different. They see beyond and through what is present.

The seeing uses more than the physical eye.  This involves the mind, heart, and soul.  For it is a remembering of reality beyond the physical eye.

Children see differently until told that they are not really seeing.  They see through imagination—practice that.  It is a doorway.

Love allows the seeing—also another doorway.

Try harder to stay open—yet another key.

See differently. See what is there and yet not seen.

It is attention we speak of.  Attend to each presentation before you.  BE present with your FULL attention and more will become evident.  Great energy is required.  Rid yourself of distraction to be able to focus on that which is right before your eyes.  All is given.  All is shown you.  You have only to SEE it.

Do not judge.  In that much is lost—SO much is lost.  Only be open—take in everything—let no shadow be lost to your observation.

In all things give praise and glory to the One, All in All.

The heavens, too, hum with praise—undercurrent to all movement—the hum of life.

Ever and ever

Joyful, joyful,

Rejoicing always,



Guidance From Yusef: Earth School

Yusef clearly answers the question that we humans have about life in other images-33parts of the Universe when he tells us that the Earth is “but one of many” worlds.  We know that we come into this lifetime for a purpose and that there is nothing random about our being born to this Earth. So, out of all the places we could “go” in the Universe, this Earth planet was our choice for this life experience.  Nothing is coincidence!  We are here for a reason–to learn and grow.

Yusef also tells us that many in the Heavens have spent time on this planet, and that it is loved and cherished yet he warns that the Earth is on a dangerous course toward extinction.  He says we have much to learn.


Your world is but one of many.  Residing in all corners (areas) of the Universe your saying “We are not alone” is more than true.

We eagerly await every chance to communicate the message [of Love] to the Earth.  Earth will not last on its present course.  Earth is precious to us.  Many here have spent time there—most difficult times assuredly, but it is loved as is all creation.  It has been given to humankind to care for.  The offenses against the earth and against man are many.  So much to learn.  So far to go.  The school that is Earth is yet hope for many.

Yusef refers to this Earth as a “school,” and goes on to use that analogy to explain why we have come to Earth at this time. He reminds us that we are students here.  We are here to learn, but just like students in our earthly schools, we all approach that learning in different ways.

As your children struggle with the schools that you send them to—

some struggling to be still…

some struggling against authority…

some struggling to learn…

some at home [in the school], eager and able…

so do you react to the life chosen for learning this lifetime.

As he always does, Yusef once again reminds us that we are not alone, that we have helpers to assist us, and that every moment on this Earth provides us opportunity for Soul growth.  Exciting and challenging!  School!

In the heavens and beyond lies the most fertile ground for growth.  The earth is a testing ground chosen for its ability to refine the entity [person].  It is also an opportunity to encounter others who can assist in this effort.  These others are not always perceived as helpers.  You must recognize that not one moment of your time is lost or spent idly.  Every moment is opportunity for advancement, growth, evolution, and in conjunction with others it increases exponentially.  This language you would understand, however, the growth occurs at even greater magnification than your vocabulary allows.   

Guidance From Yusef: Prayer—Communicating beyond the mind

Yusef reminds us that the “state” images-31we are in when praying or meditating or performing spiritual exercises is what allows us to transcend our humanness and our thinking mind to be in a true state of Universal thought, or the Mind of God.  Setting aside our human thinking seems to be the most important action to take.  It is then that we can be open to a connection to God.


It is only through transcending the human mind that real communication, communion with All That Is, takes place.  The [thinking] mind is helpful for so many things on the Earth, but it is not helpful or useful in this.  The [thinking] mind tells the stories of Earth.  Beyond this mind is another story.

There is a difference in simply being in the moment as you say, and being open in your Spirit-self to commune.  This is intentional.  It is a setting aside of the humanness to communicate beyond the mind.  And yet there is also an unintentional openness that allows a breakthrough from the Heavens to Earth.

What you refer to as prayer could well be called openness.  This is very beneficial, to be in this state, whatever form it may take.  It is the STATE that allows the communication.

Guidance From Yusef: Prayer

There are many ways to connect with God.  images-27We use words like prayer (of all kinds and types), worship, meditation, liturgy, ritual, etc. There have been volumes written about prayer, yet it’s possible you’ve not heard prayer called simply THOUGHT before.  So, it must be a specific type of thought—thought beyond the mind’s normal thinking.

Prayer then is a specific, different way of approaching the Divine.  Prayer comes from a state of love, gratitude, and/or praise. Yusef tells us that prayer is sharing ourselves with God.  Imagine that being in “prayer” is being with God in love, gratitude and praise. And the more who join in, the merrier!


Your thought—what you call prayer—is beneficial to humans and the Earth.  In actuality the entire Universe and beyond is aware of prayer.  It is much underestimated and undervalued in growth producing benefits.  It also need not be formalized or ritualized. 

When each lives in love and constant gratitude and praise, when each is joined to each, the amplitude resonates at a different frequency.  As many join in, drawn by the sharing of self with All That Is, the heavens resound with the color and sound and frequency of Love upon Love upon Love building in intensity and joy.  This “energizes” souls and is felt throughout creation.  Pray.  Open your hearts to one another.  This benefits all.



Guidance From Yusef: Our Purpose and Free Will

This post is for those who are concerned about what some refer to as PREDESTINATION.

I asked the question.  “What of free will then?  Why don’t we just come to this Earth and do our PURPOSE, the Life Plan that we laid out?”  Yusef has a sense of humor about that.


Ah, what fun would that be? “Free will” is the Soul’s challenge to itself.  It is the individual’s opportunity.  which-way-to-goThe life path is for individual souls but it is SO much bigger–acting and interacting with so many others.  Intricate are the plans, as in a puzzle, each piece important to the next. 

Free will then tests each soul to grow with its own choices. Each choice does of course affect the whole/the plan. However free will is a “bonus”, an opportunity for Soul to be present to the world in a way that is only possible in each choice moment. The potential for Soul growth in these choice moments is phenomenal.

The Life Path is intricately designed to benefit the Soul and Humankind.  Each [person] has an impact on the path of course, but great is the consequence for the Soul. No choice is totally independent of others, but the Soul impact and potential to grow comes in each choice made.

Following the will of God, that is actually your will, or Life Path, reaps benefits worthy of a king or queen. This path, laid out with great care and consultation, fulfills the purpose for which each has come into the lifetime. Far reaching are the benefits. Doing the will of God, or following your Life Path, blesses all more than you can imagine. 

Guidance From Yusef: Purpose and Choice

Each of us has chosen this critical time in history to be born into the world.  We have an opportunity and responsibility to achieve our own Soul’s purpose, but we also have a special opportunity to help move our world from chaos to peace. It all depends on the choices we make each moment. It’s all about our choices…. And it’s nice to know that there are no “wrong” choices.  Takes the pressure off a little!  (I’ll bet you might have a question or two about that last idea!)


Awareness is helpful and would be important to cultivate.  The power of the Universe is in each one.  Know this without doubt.  Do not resist this idea or try to understand or make sense of it.  Interactivity, not interdependence, is a key idea.  All paths interact, some at closer proximity.

It is not important that each knows the details of the choices made.  It is important that the choices have charted a path and each choice made creates the path set out.  Wilderness hikers experience this as each step moves them forward toward an unseen destination, each step creating a new energy in its interactions with the environment.

Each choice leads to the next.  What most do not yet realize is that there is light provided to determine the way.  Most are not aware of it.  There are many ways to see the light—all do not have the same experiences.

Any step taken becomes the “right” step.  There is no right or wrong.  Let go of the idea of “right and wrong”.  Options are presented which are accepted or not.  [But] when the step, or choice made, and it is congruent [aligned] with the STATE* of the person, then all is advantage and growth.  The state of the person, then, becomes a contributing factor to the growth, or evolution, experienced as a result of the choice.

(*The state of a person involves beliefs, ideals, values, principles, etc.  When the choices we make align with our beliefs and principles, then Yusef tells us there is opportunity for growth and living out our purpose.)

Guidance From Yusef: Finding our Purpose

In this message Yusef says that we don’t really need to know what our purpose for this life is—we only need to live each day and each moment just where we are.  Remember, we’ve already planned our life circumstances so that we can fulfill our purpose, so we needn’t be concerned about that.  Yusef calls it “being”.  Just BE in each moment and make thoughtful choices.  Ah, there’s the key—the choices, but that’s the next post….

One day we may discover why we chose this lifetime but it’s ok if we never discover it.  We can still accomplish our purpose to some degree by living the life that was designed specifically for each of us.

And please note that our purpose is not only for ourselves—it also impacts others on the Earth and those in the Heavens. Wow! Thankfully it was carefully planned!!


In your BEING is your purpose—

For your SELF,

For the EARTH,

For the HEAVENS.

Therefore it is not necessary to SEEK the purpose, but only to be open to potentially recognize it when the opportunity presents.  To seek the purpose for your life involves the ego and that can actually have a counter-effect.  It is recommended that the effort be put forth to be present to each situation, each moment.  BE AWAKE, alive in the Light.

It is not required that you identify your purpose(s).  It is only suggested that choices made during Earth time be considered thoughtfully in order to accomplish the purpose set out.  The purpose(s) chosen are a sacred bond, a contract between the God entities who assisted, and the person living the lifetime.  Be cautious with interference of any kind.  It is unwise to interfere with another’s purpose.  It is unwise to guide another unknowingly.  Guidance is provided to each in many ways and through the many opportunities presented to them.

A note regarding interference…

In Yusef’s message there is a caution regarding interfering with another’s life.  I have come to understand this as imposing our will upon the life of another, whether it is a family member, co-worker, or friend.  If we honor thoughtfully the choices of another, refrain from judgment, share our wisdom, or pray for their well-being, then we have contributed our part in their life.  But if we forcefully make another do what is against their will then we have interfered in their divine purpose.

Guidance From Yusef: Purpose for our Lives

It seems EACH OF US HAS A PURPOSE for being on the Earth at just this time and in just these circumstances. Yusef tells us that there is a perfect design for our lives.  The surprise is that before we were born into this world, we participated in planning the design.  How this occurs, or with whom, is a mystery, but it does happen and we do have input.  The design includes the time and place of our birth, the parents to whom we are born, our physical appearance, etc. etc..  All the details are carefully planned out.  In that design, or Life Plan, are the circumstances that will maximize the opportunity for each of us to accomplish the purpose for which we came into this world.

It might be good to read this slowly and carefully, or perhaps two or three times.  This is very “rich” text and there are lots of interesting insights here.


PURPOSE spans all lifetimes and all Universes.  There are specific purposes chosen for each lifetime, following on, or dependent upon, the previous lifetime, time in heaven, and special requests or agreements.   The purpose(s) chosen by each one are selected or accepted or chosen with the assistance of the wisdom workers.  This is not a ‘simple’ process but is complicated by and interwoven with the purposes of others, the ‘debts owed’, and many other variables.  Thus is each lifetime a treasure, a gift, an important segment in time. 

The purpose ALWAYS fits perfectly with [the] Soul and the personality chosen for the lifetime.  All has been carefully thought through to maximize the potential to accomplish the purpose(s) chosen.  The body you chose to inhabit was chosen for a purpose.  It is your vehicle for attainment.  You need this body and all that it is to attain your purpose for coming into this world, this lifetime.  The challenges you face in this body are growth producing.  It is an instrument, enabling you to learn and grow.  Nothing is coincidence.  When we speak of “body” it includes personality, mental ability, etc.  The challenge is to recognize the gift of present circumstance, and remain connected to the Source of Love.

ALL have tasks/jobs/purpose on the earth plane as well as throughout the Universes.  It is our “purpose” to communicate through these transmissions.  Through these do we offer the knowledge, advice, wisdom, and the joy of LOVE. 

God, however, has but one “purpose”—LOVE.  Thus does the purpose of each individual attempt to expand LOVE, each in its own way.






Guidance From Yusef: The Human Experience—Our Return Home

Yusef returns again to the theme of Home, but this time he talks about our transition from this life to the next.  We are encouraged to become more aware—to go beyond the sensory world to realize the presence of the Divine with us and around us at all times.  It is transcending the physical to recognize in a new way who we really are.  In that recognition we make a connection with Heaven; in essence bridging from the “reality” of Earth to the true reality of the presence of God/All-That-Is both here on the Earth and beyond in the Heavens.  It would seem that having that awareness eases the transition to the next life, perhaps because we have already glimpsed its reality while on this Earth.



The heavens teem with places/sites/heavens.  

The dying of the body you inhabit allows the Spirit-Soul to return to home, each to a designated place (not exactly the concept “place”, but close) from which the soul migrated. images-26-1

The returning soul is welcomed with great joy—much activity occurs in this area.  Each returns with a similar trauma experienced when entering your world.  This would be called a transition time of sorts as the entity [Soul] returns home to the familiar, but now changed by the experience of incarnating (into the physical world).

The beauty, joy, and love overwhelms at first.  Loving entities surround [the Spirit-Soul] and assist in the transition.  For some this is smoother than others.  Choices made in the physical are carried forward and affect the transition.

It would be well to achieve increased awareness on the earthly plane.  This would allow a smoother transition since awareness allows the heavens [or Kingdom] to be more present—as present as possible in this realm.