Guidance From Yusef: The Human Experience—Some reasons why we incarnate


 All do intentionally incarnate into specific circumstances.  There are those more highly evolved souls who seek challenging soul growth, or who just want to enjoy the physical plane of Earth.   There are those who choose the lifetime to assist another (or many others).  There are also those who are sent back to Earth by caregivers here.  And there are those who are “nudged or persuaded” to return by loving friends.  In all situations God is involved and the heavenly community is loving and supportive. Returning to Earth is a big decision, which the soul either makes or agrees to.  And each incarnation is “padded” with souls who have been together in previous lifetimes. 

We realize that being in the human condition, with its limiting factors, is part of the learning and living experience.  Know that within each experience carries the power to transcend, to grow, to learn, to become who you really are.  Only through the experiences that present themselves to your human condition are you able to grow.  


Barbara: For those still struggling with the idea of re-incarnation, Yusef does tell us that we have come from Home to the Earth and that we may be “returning to Earth” or “sent back to Earth”, indicating that we have lived on the Earth before this lifetime.  In fact we have likely lived many lifetimes here before this one.  And we come for the reasons above and possibly many others as well—likely uncountable reasons that each one knows only at the Soul level.  It is safe to say, however,  that Soul growth will be a part of any reason we return to the Earth.  It is after all, the Earth School…but more on that later.

Guidance From Yusef: The Human Experience—Incarnation

This post begins a mini series on The Human Experience.  Yusef takes us from Home [Heaven] to Earth and back Home in these posts.

Ah, to be human—to know the joys, the sadness, the whole range of emotions, to delight in the world of our senses, newborn1and to relish the amazing natural beauty of this world.  Nowhere else can we experience the physical in just this way.  What a gift!

I can imagine the gathering of loved ones in whatever “Heaven” we have come from.  Coming together to see us off—realizing that we have chosen a challenging, exciting, sometimes scary, physical existence on this Earth.  They know it won’t be easy, but I wonder if they aren’t also a little jealous.  The Earth is a wondrous place, and being in the physical can be great fun.


In the moment of incarnation the soul takes on a life form that will allow development and growth in the new environment.  It is well thought out for survival.  The soul does not take chances in this.  It is well planned.

The mechanics are both simple and complex.  Driving the whole process is the transformation of the soul entity from one configuration to another, and in the process the veil [of memory] lowers to allow life in the chosen environment [Earth].  At the moment of breakthrough to that new existence, you actually begin a new life, forgetting the real self at the conscious level.  Now this is advantageous for many reasons.  Think how complicated it would be to bring all knowledge into the new environment and try to live out the chosen task.  Confusing at the least.

What is important to communicate here is the memory of HOME and that the “true self” of the soul is never lost, only shielded for the safety of the new life chosen.  Incarnation into the world is difficult and not to be taken lightly.  So many factors are at work here.  Many souls are involved.  The birthing of one baby is the culmination of great effort.  The soul goes through tremendous turmoil, pain, confusion, and trembling.  Nowhere is there more support for a soul than when one decides to incarnate.  There is great well wishing and blessings.  Always there is excitement.  There is also trepidation—never “fear”.  We have no fear, however, there is realistic concern for one going to incarnate.  To move from joy to pain and suffering causes concern for loved ones, and all here are loved ones.

Guidance From Yusef: The Steps to Forgiveness



RECOGNIZE there is discomfort within your body.

It may be a form of anger, an illness, an unsettled state that you can’t identify, a discomfort [anger or irritation] when around the person or situation, or guilt.


OWN the FEELINGS within you. 

These feelings are mine.  They belong to me and to no one else but me.  They are mine to keep or mine to change.  I own this anger, this blame, this shame, or this guilt. It is mine.


FEEL the feeling(s) fully and completely. 

Allow the feelings.  Do not grasp them tightly but allow them. Do not tell stories around the feelings.  Let the stories go.  Just FEEL.


LET GO of the feelings.

OPEN to GRACE as soon as the feelings begin to wane and the smallest sliver of light creeps in. 

Let Grace LIFT the last ashes or vestiges of feeling from your shoulders.

SEE Grace flowing in and washing all clear.

CONNECT to the Earth as soon as you are able and FEEL the freshness of the air.  Let it ground you in the reality of Love for you and for all.


SEE the other (or yourself) with compassion.

Realize that the pain the other carries is theirs.  You have nothing to do with their actions or their pain. 

See yourself with compassion and realize that the pain you carry for yourself is no more than a story your ego has told you.


It is only when you choose to accept another’s pain as yours that you set into motion your own ego.  It grabs the pain and delivers it to your mind and your body.

The pain is not of you.  It does not belong to you.  Give it back or let it go as quickly as you become aware of it.

Once the ego has transformed the pain into the idea that it is yours, you must go through the steps. It is still NOT your pain, but it does now reside within you. It must be RECOGNIZED, FACED, and RELEASED.  The last step is always to reconnect to the Earth and the Grace that flows now freely through you.

Forgiveness is ALWAYS an option even though a perceived offense seems to be “unforgiveable”.


Guidance From Yusef: Forgiveness is Essential


Forgiveness is essential, fundamental, and foundational.  No growth on the Earth occurs without the generosity of FORGIVENESS. images-9

Forgiveness is a cleansing that clears the Earth plane to reveal the Soul.  Only when you let go of that to which the human nature [ego] clings will you be able to see and know who you are.  This is remembering Home—letting go of that which is not of Home [Heaven].  

Live on the Earth as we live in Heaven. Judge no being and no interaction.  Learn from all; contribute to all. 

The Universe, or Heaven, is different.  Imagine a state where LOVE is abundant to overflowing, not the emotional love [of humankind] that is connected to the body.  Imagine a love so generous that forgiveness is not necessary.  In the Oneness there is no need for forgiveness.  Only in the illusion that you are separate [from God and from each other] is forgiveness necessary. 

Ultimately, perhaps the most important action we can take is to first forgive our own perceived mistakes and imperfections. That frees us to be able to forgive others. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.









Guidance From Yusef: The Importance of Forgiveness

The importance of forgiveness is written about by many in the physical, psychological, mental-emotional, and spiritual fields. They say that our health and well-being is affected by our ability to forgive ourselves and others.

Yusef tells us that forgiveness is also critically important in our world.  HIs words are compelling, and leave no doubt that in order to have peace in our lives and in our world, we must learn to  forgive.


Unless there is forgiveness in your world there will be no growth.  Lack of forgiveness causes more pain and suffering than any realize.  It is imperative that it be practiced.  Work toward this goal.  Nothing is more critical for the world.  This alone will heal the divisions between persons and even countries. 

This is not a new concept, but it is one whose importance is not fully understood.  If more understood the value of forgiveness, the movement toward peace would begin. 

There are not enough teachers of forgiveness.  It is THE most important thing for humankind at this time in evolution.  Lack of forgiveness blocks further movement, further evolution. 

Forgiveness allows LOVE to enter into the situation, into the heart, and into the space between people and nations.  It is the most healing act there is. 

Forgiveness is an action, a deliberate allowing of God’s light to shine on the dark places, that they will be gone in that light.  When the light of God is present all is forgiven, or “given over”.



Guidance From Yusef: Fear Nothing


It is so simple.  Fear is attached to ego.  Get past ego and you will be free. images-8

Ego struggles to maintain a hold on power.  It comes from the beginning of time.  Therein lie the issue and the problem.  When seeking to move closer to God there is no other path.  Rising above the world’s hold on the Spirit/Soul can be a blink in time.  It is attainable.  Move toward this.  Help others to attain it.

Imagine no fear—only joy—only love. Do not be concerned regarding events of the future.  The ‘future’ takes care of itself.  The future comes out of/is dependent upon the PRESENT.  NOW is the important time.  Move through the NOW’s and worry not.  Fear nothing. 

The Blessing of God is upon all.  Judge no being and no interaction.  Learn from all; contribute to all.  Be strong in the assurance we offer.  Fear nothing.




Guidance From Yusef: Fear is Not Real


Fear has no basis in reality either in this world or the next.  Fear is not of God.  Therefore, when you react to a given occurrence, something actually transpiring, with a response that is based on fear, you have moved from reality to fantasy and are then living in a ‘world’ of your own making, within your own mind—not actually existing in reality.  This of course SEEMS real to you, however, it is NOT REAL.

This reaction/response acts to cut you off from the reality that is God/Source.  The consequences of that are far-reaching and serve no one.



The Fear that Yusef refers to in the Guidance is not the instinctive fear we experience when we are in physical danger, such as a when a speeding car is coming right at us.  The fear Yusef warns against is different from these.  It comes from our ego.

Ego fear tells you that the world is not a safe place.

Ego Fear lives in the past–dredging up all kinds of offenses you have suffered, and wants you to wallow in them–telling yourself the same stories about them over and over.  Or it lives in the future–worrying about what might be coming that will unsettle your world.

So, Fear looks like:  anxiety, worry, frustration, apprehension, suspicion, nervousness, depression, dread, terror, panic, despair, phobias, etc.

There is no judgment around any of these fears.  We can all identify with many of them. Yusef merely wants us to realize that they come from our egos and do not serve us. They are not REAL, though they seem very real to us. AWARENESS that they are not real is the first step to letting them go.