Guidance from Yusef: On Fear

For such a human emotion, and one that we are well acquainted with in our daily lives,  fear packs a mighty punch according to Yusef. This is the first of a series of posts on fear.


Fear is the great evil in the world.  It is a sham, an illusion, unnecessary, and counter to love.  Fear is the block to Knowing and Love from the All, [and] from connection to Universal truth and abundant life. 

Peace and fear cannot coexist. Peace, real peace heals.  It heals all.  Its root is Love.  It is the fruit of Love.  It comes from Love, is the evidence of Love, and produces peace.

The world thirsts and hungers to know real Peace.  Peace is growth producing.  Fear limits, holds back, stops growth.  It is an evil concept that must be reversed for the world to gain peace.

People fear even the word FEAR because they have embraced it as natural.  We do not speak here of the natural physical reaction when the senses encounter danger to the body.

We are referring to the fear that grips the mind, spirit and consciousness, as well as subconscious. The Soul does not fear.

Fear is the emotion of the EGO, that which prevents you from knowing your true self.


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