Guidance From Yusef: About God

There are many names for the idea of a Supreme Being—God, Divine Energy, Life-Giver, Yahweh, Spirit, One, All That Is, Father, etc., but universally and throughout the ages, all cultures acknowledge in some way that there is something bigger, greater, or higher than they are. Yusef attempts to communicate the reality of this Loving Energy given our limited human understanding.


Winding in and through all existence is the flow of energy—the “life blood” of universal energy.  This energy, difficult to describe, sustains and is a part of all that is and all that is (seemingly) not.  Thus is all connected and a part of this energy.  It is this you refer to as GOD, the repository of all knowledge, love, wisdom, joy, All.  Unspeakable in power and love.m46m47_equivar_960

This energy transcends and yet is a part of All.  It has no “form” and yet exists in all forms.  In itself it has no voice other than the voices it has.  As you can see, from the human perspective the mystery is profound.  To describe this God-Energy without the full experience of this indescribably vast, incredible love and bliss is almost impossible.

God is All—the Greatest Good.  It is a collective force greater than each activated life.  It flows from the Light and is the Light.  Collectively we are a part of the All.  All does indeed “exist” but not in a form that you might understand and be comfortable with. Because All is in All and is All there is nothing that is not a part of or existing in the Father. God is all; therefore, if “I exist” then God exists. 

All is All and yet there are areas of greater concentration of All, areas far beyond our ability to comprehend.  Areas that are so intense so completely love and joy that even we have no real knowledge of it.  And we have joy and love here that fills us completely—we overflow with the wonder of it and want that for your Earth more than anything.  We want that for all sites in all the Universes.  We continue to try to share that joy and love–the bliss in sheer existing that we experience.

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