Guidance from Yusef: Love Transforms the Earth

A natural outcome of allowing God’s Love into our lives is greater joy and an inner urge to share that joy with others. images.jpegYusef is very practical as he tells us that the more we can be open, accepting and trusting in Love, the happier we will be.  Then our SOUL, the manifestation of God, is present to the world. Because, as Yusef says, this Love is Life-Giver (God) Itself!  We are giving “life” to God on this Earth.



Human love is not [God’s] Love.  There is no understanding of Love [necessary], only a recognition, acceptance, and passing on is required.  This Love is Life-Giver and becomes Itself in the sharing / passing on, thus blessing the world in untold, myriad ways.  Recognize, accept, and pass on Love.

In the passing on [of love] does Life-Giver BECOME.  If there is recognition from the other [person], then Life-Giver recognizes itself and the person is blessed from the inside out so to speak.  It is an encounter/interaction beyond words, involving God, touching God, and the spark lights not only each one, but emanates beyond—shooting out to all the Universes.

In order to RECOGNIZE Love, these are helpful—



From the ENCOUNTER with Love comes—


The more Love is allowed and practiced, the greater the joy, peace and passing on, and thus the transformation goes from fleeting moments of awareness to profound and lasting BECOMING—allowing the Soul to live [more fully] on the Earth.

Thus is the Blessing—thus is the Earth transformed.

The heavens, teaming with life, “smile” upon the worlds.  If you could realize the immense love “aimed” at all throughout the Universe, you would long to be aware of it.

Fear not.  Doubt not.  Blessing upon blessing flow from on high.  All are blessed; all are One.

And so I asked….

Tell us what we need to do to grow in love.

Yusef’s response…

Too simple.  Love.



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