Guidance from Yusef: See With Love

Love begins with “seeing” the world differently—with appreciation, rather  images-20than judgment.  It sounds so simple but we know, and Yusef understands, that it isn’t always easy to see each other and the world through loving eyes.

If we begin to think of Love as appreciation we will come closer to understanding what Yusef is asking of us.  The key is to appreciate ourselves, each other, and the world around us a little more.  And then little by little we begin to see the world differently.  And the Angels join us in “the gaze”.

As Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.


Seeing with Love is a bigger concept.  More are involved.  When eyes of Love look upon another it is the “eyes” of many (of us) sharing in the gaze.  Nothing is more powerful.

HOWEVER—and this is the critical part.  The tension between FEAR and LOVE is great.  And fear, that which is most known and is most comfortable [for humankind], is often chosen.

Love is a difficult path in your present world.

Beauty—unspeakably delightful—is the key that opens the doors of love.  Appreciate the beauty around you—the beauty of each Soul encountered, the physical beauty of the world you have chosen, the beauty of Love returned to enlarge your heart. 

Relax in the love around you.  The eyes must learn to see differently and [realize] that seeing through Loving eyes enlarges and increases the Love around you in this world and throughout the Universe.

Some cannot see.  That is theirs to deal with, part of the challenge they have chosen for this lifetime.  The reasons are many—not for your energy use [or concern].

Be of good cheer.  See Love in all.  Be Love for all.  Fill the Earth around you with Love.  That is your task.  In that Love growth occurs.  It is fertile.  Love changes all around the lover.

Do not judge.  Do not love selfishly.

Happiness is a state of being in the presence of LOVE.  It is the fruit of the exchange of Love.


“See Love in all.  Be Love for all.  Do not judge.  Do not love selfishly.  Fill the Earth around you with Love.”                                         And then all around you will change.  I want to live in that world!



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