Guidance from Yusef: Allowing and Accepting Love

It’s interesting that most of us don’t really believe that we are Loved fully and completely by God.  It is our ego of course that tells us we are not worthy of Love because of what we have done or not done; that we are too “sinful”, or not “good” enough to be worthy.  We have been taught from early childhood–by our family, society and by religion–that we must behave in certain ways, obey certain rules, and only then will we be deserving of Love.  From these early teachings come the stories we tell ourselves.

Yusef assures us that we can believe anything we want, but in the end we are still LOVED, and what we believe about our worthiness does not diminish that Love at all.  The “stories” we tell ourselves are simply that—stories.  It can be quite liberating to realize this.

We are fully Loved without reservation by the Divine.  We are one with God—how can God not love us completely? Our challenge is to accept that we are loved fully just as we are in this moment—to believe that we are indeed worthy.  It is our birthright.



Going forth from All That Is* are the tendrils of Love.  Each going out from the Source of all Love, carrying Love.

Believing does not make it so.  It is so.  Belief does not enrich the Source, the sender, the origin of Love [God].  Belief is for the believer alone.

Awaken to the joy that is yours! The heavens are indeed joyful, yet there are those that do not know the great joy available to all in the fullness. It is these we speak of now. These Souls are in the presence of LOVE yet recognize it not. The story they have constructed to believe prevents this.

For many the story constructed is about worth and unworth. When a Soul determines itself unworthy of the Love offered, it puts walls up to prevent Love from entering in. It holds itself apart from the possibilities offered for communion and Love. Knowing Love not, its story continues to generate itself over and over. It is not AWAKE to its own beauty. This is a“sadness” for all the heavens. There are those who are expert at recovering these Souls, finding openings, that Love’s Light may enter the darkness, for it is indeed darkness. Once Love can shine, many can see their worth and beauty for the first time–realizing that they are ALL WORTHY in their Soul Being!


*Yusef uses many words for God: All That Is, Life-Giver, One, Source, Energy, Love, Light

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