Guidance from Yusef: Awaken to Love

YUSEF :            

Our intent is to encourage the AWAKENING of all Souls to LOVE during the Earth time! This benefits all Souls.  images-3Awakening to LOVE allows that LOVE to bless all. As each one awakens, ALL are blessed in ways that are unimaginable to you now.

For those awakened, work to share Love that others may know it during the Earth lifetime. This is critically important.

Choices determine movement.  Choices based on Love enable greater movement.  Love is greater and stronger and more worthy a goal than any other.  Love governs.  The consequences of other choices cause pain.

The message of love is at once simple and difficult.  We [in Heaven] are in a state of sublime and unending bliss and yet we continue to grow.  Love enlarges love.

The smallest spark of Love can be seen and joined with [other sparks] to increase its potential.  That is the task.  To recognize Love—the light within each.  See it—join with it—RECOGNITION will take place.  It is in that place that we remember Home [Heaven].

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