Guidance from Yusef: Love and love

Love is a well-known sentiment for humanity.  We know it as the cause of great happiness and/or great suffering.    It brings us joy when we are loved, and pain when we are not.  Human love can be judgmental, limited, and based on expectations.  Movies depend on the drama of our common experience of this love.

Yusef tells us that God’s Divine Love (capital “L”), is quite different from the human concept of love (small “l”).  Completely different actually.  Divine Love is unconditional, not dependent on our feelings, or on how we behave.  It flows freely from Source (God) and is there for each of us, no matter whether we feel we are deserving or worthy of it or not.  It cannot be stopped or turned off, no matter what we do or don’t do.  It is the most powerful force there is in the Universe and it is there for each of us.


Dancing throughout the Universe, winding through time and space Love Is. Graciously flowing Love Is. Without end Love Is.

In the highest heavens do we sing praises without end.  Love Is.  Love does not “look like” love in the Earth experience. All encompassing is the Love without end. Unselfish is Love, all-loving is Love. Go beyond the human to experience this.

Gracious is Love. Healing is Love. Beyond Love is Love. Let go of the Earth concept to KNOW Love. Go beyond the limiting ideas that only hint at the joy beyond measure of Love.

Emanating from the Universe is the pulse of love/life.  Love is the greatest force there is. Time or space cannot influence this.  In the Universe the fields that allow the force of Love to be advanced also radiate that love outward.  Magnified with each reception it is enlarged. So many do not realize the responsibility of the acceptance of this force. It is present, but not always accepted. Once accepted, the responsibility to share becomes imperative. The emanations depend on this. The evolving universe depends on this. Each small moment of Love in the heart is amplified beyond recognition. 


We hold within us the most powerful force in the Universe.  Yusef asks us to Love—ourselves and one another.  When we do, even in a “small moment”, that Love is “amplified beyond recognition” and emanates out from us to benefit the world.  Imagine!

4 thoughts on “Guidance from Yusef: Love and love

  1. I’m so excited for others to read these words. What a great place to start – with the ‘greatest force there is’!

    • Well said, Pat. I think most of us get that!
      But I also know that until I love myself I really can’t love another. That puts a whole different look to it—perhaps the most important thing we can do is to love ourselves. Let’s all keep trying—the world will be better for it!

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