Guidance From Yusef: Making the leap from FEAR to PEACE

images-1It is vitally important in our world today that we begin to let go of all the ways that fear grips us.  Yusef tells us that it might feel like jumping into the unknown, leaving the place we have grown comfortable with, but that jump into the safety net of peace is well worth attempting. We only need the faith of a small child–that the Father who loves us will keep us safe.


Fear is insidious, infecting and affecting the entire being.  It causes emotional and physical reaction. The realization of the fearful state is the first step toward release of that fear.

Fear need not be “driven out”.  It does not have that kind of power.  Fear is a symptom that indicates or covers an unwell state.  It can simply be released and it will be gone.  Many hold on to fear, possibly because they have not known the alternative—PEACE.

Releasing fear is like jumping over a chasm or from a building with all the safety precautions in place, and the chance of injury is nil.  But the land or the building are known and there is some comfort in that knowing, however uncomfortable the place.

Faith is the key to the release of fear—faith that the Father loves you enough to keep you safe.





Guidance from Yusef: On Fear

For such a human emotion, and one that we are well acquainted with in our daily lives,  fear packs a mighty punch according to Yusef. This is the first of a series of posts on fear.


Fear is the great evil in the world.  It is a sham, an illusion, unnecessary, and counter to love.  Fear is the block to Knowing and Love from the All, [and] from connection to Universal truth and abundant life. 

Peace and fear cannot coexist. Peace, real peace heals.  It heals all.  Its root is Love.  It is the fruit of Love.  It comes from Love, is the evidence of Love, and produces peace.

The world thirsts and hungers to know real Peace.  Peace is growth producing.  Fear limits, holds back, stops growth.  It is an evil concept that must be reversed for the world to gain peace.

People fear even the word FEAR because they have embraced it as natural.  We do not speak here of the natural physical reaction when the senses encounter danger to the body.

We are referring to the fear that grips the mind, spirit and consciousness, as well as subconscious. The Soul does not fear.

Fear is the emotion of the EGO, that which prevents you from knowing your true self.


Guidance From Yusef: About God

There are many names for the idea of a Supreme Being—God, Divine Energy, Life-Giver, Yahweh, Spirit, One, All That Is, Father, etc., but universally and throughout the ages, all cultures acknowledge in some way that there is something bigger, greater, or higher than they are. Yusef attempts to communicate the reality of this Loving Energy given our limited human understanding.


Winding in and through all existence is the flow of energy—the “life blood” of universal energy.  This energy, difficult to describe, sustains and is a part of all that is and all that is (seemingly) not.  Thus is all connected and a part of this energy.  It is this you refer to as GOD, the repository of all knowledge, love, wisdom, joy, All.  Unspeakable in power and love.m46m47_equivar_960

This energy transcends and yet is a part of All.  It has no “form” and yet exists in all forms.  In itself it has no voice other than the voices it has.  As you can see, from the human perspective the mystery is profound.  To describe this God-Energy without the full experience of this indescribably vast, incredible love and bliss is almost impossible.

God is All—the Greatest Good.  It is a collective force greater than each activated life.  It flows from the Light and is the Light.  Collectively we are a part of the All.  All does indeed “exist” but not in a form that you might understand and be comfortable with. Because All is in All and is All there is nothing that is not a part of or existing in the Father. God is all; therefore, if “I exist” then God exists. 

All is All and yet there are areas of greater concentration of All, areas far beyond our ability to comprehend.  Areas that are so intense so completely love and joy that even we have no real knowledge of it.  And we have joy and love here that fills us completely—we overflow with the wonder of it and want that for your Earth more than anything.  We want that for all sites in all the Universes.  We continue to try to share that joy and love–the bliss in sheer existing that we experience.

Guidance from Yusef: Love Transforms the Earth

A natural outcome of allowing God’s Love into our lives is greater joy and an inner urge to share that joy with others. images.jpegYusef is very practical as he tells us that the more we can be open, accepting and trusting in Love, the happier we will be.  Then our SOUL, the manifestation of God, is present to the world. Because, as Yusef says, this Love is Life-Giver (God) Itself!  We are giving “life” to God on this Earth.



Human love is not [God’s] Love.  There is no understanding of Love [necessary], only a recognition, acceptance, and passing on is required.  This Love is Life-Giver and becomes Itself in the sharing / passing on, thus blessing the world in untold, myriad ways.  Recognize, accept, and pass on Love.

In the passing on [of love] does Life-Giver BECOME.  If there is recognition from the other [person], then Life-Giver recognizes itself and the person is blessed from the inside out so to speak.  It is an encounter/interaction beyond words, involving God, touching God, and the spark lights not only each one, but emanates beyond—shooting out to all the Universes.

In order to RECOGNIZE Love, these are helpful—



From the ENCOUNTER with Love comes—


The more Love is allowed and practiced, the greater the joy, peace and passing on, and thus the transformation goes from fleeting moments of awareness to profound and lasting BECOMING—allowing the Soul to live [more fully] on the Earth.

Thus is the Blessing—thus is the Earth transformed.

The heavens, teaming with life, “smile” upon the worlds.  If you could realize the immense love “aimed” at all throughout the Universe, you would long to be aware of it.

Fear not.  Doubt not.  Blessing upon blessing flow from on high.  All are blessed; all are One.

And so I asked….

Tell us what we need to do to grow in love.

Yusef’s response…

Too simple.  Love.



Guidance from Yusef: See With Love

Love begins with “seeing” the world differently—with appreciation, rather  images-20than judgment.  It sounds so simple but we know, and Yusef understands, that it isn’t always easy to see each other and the world through loving eyes.

If we begin to think of Love as appreciation we will come closer to understanding what Yusef is asking of us.  The key is to appreciate ourselves, each other, and the world around us a little more.  And then little by little we begin to see the world differently.  And the Angels join us in “the gaze”.

As Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.


Seeing with Love is a bigger concept.  More are involved.  When eyes of Love look upon another it is the “eyes” of many (of us) sharing in the gaze.  Nothing is more powerful.

HOWEVER—and this is the critical part.  The tension between FEAR and LOVE is great.  And fear, that which is most known and is most comfortable [for humankind], is often chosen.

Love is a difficult path in your present world.

Beauty—unspeakably delightful—is the key that opens the doors of love.  Appreciate the beauty around you—the beauty of each Soul encountered, the physical beauty of the world you have chosen, the beauty of Love returned to enlarge your heart. 

Relax in the love around you.  The eyes must learn to see differently and [realize] that seeing through Loving eyes enlarges and increases the Love around you in this world and throughout the Universe.

Some cannot see.  That is theirs to deal with, part of the challenge they have chosen for this lifetime.  The reasons are many—not for your energy use [or concern].

Be of good cheer.  See Love in all.  Be Love for all.  Fill the Earth around you with Love.  That is your task.  In that Love growth occurs.  It is fertile.  Love changes all around the lover.

Do not judge.  Do not love selfishly.

Happiness is a state of being in the presence of LOVE.  It is the fruit of the exchange of Love.


“See Love in all.  Be Love for all.  Do not judge.  Do not love selfishly.  Fill the Earth around you with Love.”                                         And then all around you will change.  I want to live in that world!



Guidance from Yusef: Allowing and Accepting Love

It’s interesting that most of us don’t really believe that we are Loved fully and completely by God.  It is our ego of course that tells us we are not worthy of Love because of what we have done or not done; that we are too “sinful”, or not “good” enough to be worthy.  We have been taught from early childhood–by our family, society and by religion–that we must behave in certain ways, obey certain rules, and only then will we be deserving of Love.  From these early teachings come the stories we tell ourselves.

Yusef assures us that we can believe anything we want, but in the end we are still LOVED, and what we believe about our worthiness does not diminish that Love at all.  The “stories” we tell ourselves are simply that—stories.  It can be quite liberating to realize this.

We are fully Loved without reservation by the Divine.  We are one with God—how can God not love us completely? Our challenge is to accept that we are loved fully just as we are in this moment—to believe that we are indeed worthy.  It is our birthright.



Going forth from All That Is* are the tendrils of Love.  Each going out from the Source of all Love, carrying Love.

Believing does not make it so.  It is so.  Belief does not enrich the Source, the sender, the origin of Love [God].  Belief is for the believer alone.

Awaken to the joy that is yours! The heavens are indeed joyful, yet there are those that do not know the great joy available to all in the fullness. It is these we speak of now. These Souls are in the presence of LOVE yet recognize it not. The story they have constructed to believe prevents this.

For many the story constructed is about worth and unworth. When a Soul determines itself unworthy of the Love offered, it puts walls up to prevent Love from entering in. It holds itself apart from the possibilities offered for communion and Love. Knowing Love not, its story continues to generate itself over and over. It is not AWAKE to its own beauty. This is a“sadness” for all the heavens. There are those who are expert at recovering these Souls, finding openings, that Love’s Light may enter the darkness, for it is indeed darkness. Once Love can shine, many can see their worth and beauty for the first time–realizing that they are ALL WORTHY in their Soul Being!


*Yusef uses many words for God: All That Is, Life-Giver, One, Source, Energy, Love, Light

Guidance from Yusef: Awaken to Love

YUSEF :            

Our intent is to encourage the AWAKENING of all Souls to LOVE during the Earth time! This benefits all Souls.  images-3Awakening to LOVE allows that LOVE to bless all. As each one awakens, ALL are blessed in ways that are unimaginable to you now.

For those awakened, work to share Love that others may know it during the Earth lifetime. This is critically important.

Choices determine movement.  Choices based on Love enable greater movement.  Love is greater and stronger and more worthy a goal than any other.  Love governs.  The consequences of other choices cause pain.

The message of love is at once simple and difficult.  We [in Heaven] are in a state of sublime and unending bliss and yet we continue to grow.  Love enlarges love.

The smallest spark of Love can be seen and joined with [other sparks] to increase its potential.  That is the task.  To recognize Love—the light within each.  See it—join with it—RECOGNITION will take place.  It is in that place that we remember Home [Heaven].

Guidance from Yusef: Love and love

Love is a well-known sentiment for humanity.  We know it as the cause of great happiness and/or great suffering.    It brings us joy when we are loved, and pain when we are not.  Human love can be judgmental, limited, and based on expectations.  Movies depend on the drama of our common experience of this love.

Yusef tells us that God’s Divine Love (capital “L”), is quite different from the human concept of love (small “l”).  Completely different actually.  Divine Love is unconditional, not dependent on our feelings, or on how we behave.  It flows freely from Source (God) and is there for each of us, no matter whether we feel we are deserving or worthy of it or not.  It cannot be stopped or turned off, no matter what we do or don’t do.  It is the most powerful force there is in the Universe and it is there for each of us.


Dancing throughout the Universe, winding through time and space Love Is. Graciously flowing Love Is. Without end Love Is.

In the highest heavens do we sing praises without end.  Love Is.  Love does not “look like” love in the Earth experience. All encompassing is the Love without end. Unselfish is Love, all-loving is Love. Go beyond the human to experience this.

Gracious is Love. Healing is Love. Beyond Love is Love. Let go of the Earth concept to KNOW Love. Go beyond the limiting ideas that only hint at the joy beyond measure of Love.

Emanating from the Universe is the pulse of love/life.  Love is the greatest force there is. Time or space cannot influence this.  In the Universe the fields that allow the force of Love to be advanced also radiate that love outward.  Magnified with each reception it is enlarged. So many do not realize the responsibility of the acceptance of this force. It is present, but not always accepted. Once accepted, the responsibility to share becomes imperative. The emanations depend on this. The evolving universe depends on this. Each small moment of Love in the heart is amplified beyond recognition. 


We hold within us the most powerful force in the Universe.  Yusef asks us to Love—ourselves and one another.  When we do, even in a “small moment”, that Love is “amplified beyond recognition” and emanates out from us to benefit the world.  Imagine!